Monday, March 8, 2010

Hey there baby coo

You started cooing this week. I tell you all kinds of stories when you are awake. We talk about mountains and the sea and puppies and snow. You listen to me and coo back at me. This makes me the happiest mama on the planet because I know we are communicating even though we are speaking different languages (well you are making yours up as you go, cheater.)

You felt California sand between your toes last week. That is not true. The last thing I would have wanted to do is try to clean sand out of your toes in the rental car. But you did have your lunch with the sweet ocean air blowing through your fluffy hair. You will not remember but you seemed content there. It was like a giant sleep sheep (the sleep sheep you sleep with makes waves sounds). I think you learned to coo in California. Maybe you will be drawn to the ocean when you are older like I always was. I promise we will take you there all the time so you really can feel sand between your toes, but not until you can clean it out yourself :)

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