Wednesday, December 1, 2010


You got your first fever over Thanksgiving. It was actually the day after and we were staying in the city and you were increasingly fussy throughout the day. By early afternoon, you felt warm to me but we were at a hotel and did not have a thermometer. Everyone kept telling me you were just teething. But I knew.

So your Grandmom went to find a thermometer and you were 103 degrees. She had bought some medicine just in case and when we gave it to you, you seemed to feel much better. But you had this sad look on your face all weekend. At night, I barely slept because I kept getting up to check on you. The fever hung on for four days. On the third night, I woke up to check on you at 2am and I could feel the heat radiating off your little body before I even touched you. Your skin felt like fire. I almost started crying as you snuggled into my chest and let out a pitiful "Am...". I am right here baby I wanted to tell you.

I cooled you down and finally you fell back asleep.

I was talking to your dad about our lives as parents and he said the thing he hates the most is the worry. It is all consuming at times. You are our whole life and we love you more than we thought was possible. We just cannot imagine something happening to you. We will always worry about you. Even when you are 30 and hopefully starting a family of your own. At which point, you might understand these crazy letters.

Your fever is gone and you are back to your normal self. Seems your fever also prompted you to start sleeping in an extra hour this week, which has been nice early bear.

Here is the fever face:

{I have to add this watermark now because of creepy photo stealers. Stop stealing photos, creepers. That is all.}

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  1. I'm sorry your LO was sick. It sucks! but I love the second picture. Great composition!