Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A happy baby

Oh little Brynn. You are such a happy, sweet little person. All I have to do is walk in the room and you are all smiles. Your sister is going to spend the night with your grandma this weekend and I am so looking forward to having you to myself with no distractions. I am seriously running out of picture ideas with you so today I wrapped you up in my scarf! But it turned out pretty cute. Looks like you will have blue eyes like your sister (so random since your dad and I both have brown eyes).

You are going to be 3 months in two days. And I want to cry. Time moves almost devastatingly fast since I know how much you will change just in the next two weeks. You are doing much better with sleeping since I moved your bedtime up. You slept 10.5 hours on Sunday night (a bit of fluke), your usual is 8-9 hours, 15 min to eat, then 2-3 more hours.

Here is the scarf pic:

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