Saturday, April 28, 2012

On taking away babyhood

{A letter to you both}

 When I was a mama to one, I was really nervous to have a another baby because I was afraid that I would be taking your babyhood away Elle. That I would be stealing pieces of your childhood by trying to split my focus between two children.

Now I feel so different.

For you Brynn, I am your moon. But Elle is your stars. We wake up early in the morning (earlier than Elle that is) and I can tell you are antsy, looking around for that high pitched toddler voice you love so much. You squeal with delight when we go into her room and you both give kisses. And now that you have learned how to crawl, you follow her everywhere. When she is eating in her high chair, you hang out all tangled in the legs underneath.

Now, I feel a little bad for you Elle, that you did not have this older person, wanting to kiss and snuggle you and love on you from sun up till sun down. A sister making sure you were coming anytime we leave the house and who runs full speed to your room when you are up from your nap just to see you. Siblings are a gift. I am so lucky you have each other.

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