Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Goodbye my friends

As of about 2.5 months of age, you loved three things in this world. You loved your Papa and me. You loved eating. And you loved your paci. Well, a week ago, I had to take away your paci. You are getting a tooth and so to ease the pain of that tooth, you would chew on the end of your paci causing it to not just fall out of your mouth, but shoot across the room at mach speed. Mama got tired of retrieving it for you, popping it back in your mouth and repeating the game 7,000 times. The first day was rough, you made your “Give me paci” sound, which is like a aahhuu! Ahhhuu! And then a couple AHHUUU!!!!!!!!!!!.

But you made it through and you actually seem happier not to be bothered by it. So then a couple of days later we had to break you from your swaddle. Here is your swaddle story: ever since emerging as a wee babe, you loved to be swaddled to sleep. I am not talking wrapped up in blanket, I am talking military precision, straight jacket swaddle that we had to find instruction for on youtube. At about 4 months, you began breaking out of the swaddle despite our youtube techniques and I should have taken it as a cue that you were done with it, but I did not want to hear you cry, cause it makes the mama sad, so I kept reswaddling you, even if it meant getting up in the middle of the night 7 times to do it.

Then it got hot out and you were really fussy being so buddle up so I knew the swaddle had to go. The first night, you screamed for an hour and fourty five minutes and I wanted to stab myself in the eye. But finally you fell asleep and slept all night! Naps the next day were a nightmare but a week later, things are much better. Some people say that letting a baby cry at your age causes them not to trust you, so you will have to let me know cause you are saying much these days.

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