Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yellow Dress

When I was pregnant with you, I made a promise to buy you cute clothes. Nobody wants a frumpy baby. But what makes this hard is that your dad & I are very picky about what you wear. We just cannot get behind clothes that say, "Diva!" or "Darling, angel, sweetie!". Well, aparently everyone in this town only purchases infant clothes adorned with these obnoxious phrases, leaving your dad & I with very few places to shop.

Last week your aunt came over and I causually mentioned that I needed to clean your small clothes out the drawers so while she was watching you see took it upon herself to box up everything under 6 months. Super helpful except she seemed to forget that you are midget size and when I came home you had four outfits left.... .... .....

So I dug through the box a bit to retrieve some still-fitting items but I mostly used this as an excuse to buy some new clothes. But buy them wear? Well, we had buy to wipes at Target and I thought I would take a spin around the infant section and low and behold I found this super cute dress:

for $2.99. One point mom, no point ugly infant clothing.


  1. My daughter is 3 and I love a lot of Targets clothes. They are so well priced and so stylish. You daughter is just adorable!

  2. Oh I hear you on infant clothes. For me, it's because I hate pink and am not very girl girl so why dress my girl like that? Sure when she asks to be more girly, I'll listen, but until then I get reign on that! ;) Seriously though it doesn't matter what you put on your sweet doll, those cheeks, those eyes are what people see! SO CUTE!

  3. That is an awesome find! =)

    I'm still a ways from having kids, but I definitely want to stick to classic and nice clothing rather than most of the stuff they sell for kids these days.