Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Toy!

Your dad & I always said that when we were parents we were never going to have tons of bright, colorful toys. We were going to have trendy wooden ones that matched our decor. Well, you my dear, love to jump. Starting a few weeks ago, whenever we were holding you, you would try to jump out of our arms. So we would sit and let you jump on our laps but you are getting very heavy and this made us very tired.

So we caved. We could not find anything to help you jump that was not ridiculously hideous. This thing we bought is actually the least hideous one. It plays music and you can spin in it and it is about as big as a Miata. But you love it. This afternoon I brought you out into the warm, summer air and you jumped while the sun peeked through the trees.
You love it out there. (Yes, you have to stand on a pillow because your mother is a midge.)

You even stopped jumping long enough for me to get a close up.

Then you stuck your tongue out at me and kept jumping.

A good Wednesday.


  1. such a small world! garrison and i were blown away! your baby is so adorable :) henry looooves that stupid plastic bouncy too. when we first got it garrison wanted to get rid of it because it's SO HUGE! but henry became way too attached and now it's a keeper. i've never thought about taking it outside...what an awesome idea!

    your pictures are beautiful, btw. you are an awesome photographer (and the cute baby is a total bonus!)

  2. lol! Well if you guys move back here, we will have to get the little ones together!