Friday, July 9, 2010

To the Beach!

Your dad & I headed to the beach with you today. You went once, when we were in San Diego but it was fiercely windy and if I can remember correctly you Hated it (capital H necessary).

This was our set up.

You really liked watching Reilly swim in and out of the water for sticks. Eventually, she got tired of sticks and began bringing whole logs ashore.

You stood with your baby toes in the wet sand with dad.

You kept trying to eat your foot except it looked like this and I knew you would regret it so I would not let you nom it.

You tried to get your dad's mouth, a favorite game. You thought it was so funny.

And then it wasn't funny anymore.

So we headed out of there. You slept the whole way home and your dad & I were slightly pink, slightly sandy but totally happy.

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