Sunday, June 5, 2011

31 Weeks & a Nap.

A letter to the belly bean.

Today something amazing happened. Your sister woke up from her nap still sleepy and wandered over to the couch where you and I were resting and crawled onto my belly where she promptly fell asleep. She had a serious of weird dreams that caused much cooing and small squeaks. And you were kicking and kicking. She slept there for an hour and half and you moved around the whole time. I will admit, I kept having to slowly change positions because you already take up my entire stomach and your favorite resting place is my spine, making me feel like I am going to pass out. But it was the best connection I have had with both of you at the same time this entire pregnancy.

It is much different this time around as I just cannot focus on you in my belly as much as I could with Elle. So I look for quiet moments to connect with you. Like when I am driving and you are kicking, I will rest my hand on my belly to feel you. That is my biggest fear in suddenly becoming a mama to two babies. I want to make sure I have equal time and attention for both of you. It makes me nervous because I want to be the absolute best mama I can be. So 9 weeks until your arrival, it sure has flown by. I cannot wait to meet you bean!


Photos {I feel like an absolutely massive cow but I promised myself to continue posting pictures of this pregnancy}


  1. You look great! I recently found your blog and I love the sweet, loving way that you write to your girls without seeming gimmicky or phony. Good on you.
    Your blog is def. one of my new favs.

  2. Gorgeous Photos!

    Stumbled across your Blog from The Paper Mama and so happy I did. Going to play some catch up over the weekend so that I can be "in the loop".

    Would love to have you as a Guest Poster on my Blog soon under the "Bare your Bump" regular post that I am doing. Would you be interested?

    Pop by Little Miss Mama and see what I'm all about - I'm 6.5 months Pregnant myself and just can't wait for our little girl to come in September.

    Come on by - I promise the Tea will be hot and the cupcakes will always cure a sweet tooth!