Friday, June 10, 2011

Blogging Baby Buddies

I know I wrote about the friends I have made through writing these letters to you before, but I have just grown to love some of them :) I think about 10 years down the line when you girls are growing up and getting older, playing with make up and talking about boys (yes, I do think I did that at 11 or 12) and I hope we are all still making fun of each other and sharing parenting tips. People where ask me where I met them and it sounds so weird saying "well, we all blog...." but it is true. We all just like writing to our kids and after reading eachother's words online, we now have gotten to see our kids become little friends. That is pretty cool.

{Readers: In these photos, you may recognize Harper from Harper's Happenings and Ruari from the Paper Mama.}

When I started writing these letters online, I had no aspirations around it. I will never advertise on it or try to make any money from it (not that there is any problem with that, I totally admire the success my fellow blogging moms have found, just not for this blog). I never thought anyone would care to read it. But finding these friends has been more valuable to me that anything that could have possibly happened.

So if you are ever feeling lonely like I was before I met these ladies, just reach out. You may be surprised by the wonderful people reaching back for you.


  1. great post! i am so bummed i missed playing with you ladies :( next time for sure! i hope your sprinkle is perfect tomorrow.

  2. fiona, i love where you said, "You may be surprised by the wonderful people reaching back for you." This is exactly where I was at before meeting all of you amazing ladies. I have the best time when I'm with you, and today was beyond awesome watching our littles meet eachother! I'm hoping it was just the first of many times they will get to spend together! These pictures are priceless! I just had to say that it's been so refreshing finding friends like you.

  3. Oh my gosh, so sad we couldn't make it to the playdate!! These kids are to die for. And you're right, it's amazing how many wonderful people you meet through blogging - whether you mean to or not :)

  4. These are the most adorable pictures. You guys are so lucky that you can meet up. I'm all stranded in Canada... LOL The girls are all beautiful, and so freaking adorable together :) :) :)

  5. we love you guys! i'm so glad to know you. and i can't stop looking at these photos. our babies are so cute! and so cute together. <3