Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The birth of Brynn Hadley

On Wednesday, I went in for my NST (non-stress test) because I was two days over due. During the test, they saw I was having contractions every 3 minutes (I could not feel them). I went down to have an ultrasound to check my fluid levels and Brynn fell asleep so she scored really low on the ultrasound part of the test. So I went back up to see the OB and she checked me and was surprised to find I was 4 centimeters already. She decided to check me into labor and delivery for monitoring.

While I waited for my husband, I just sat in the room all by myself for two hours. Since I was there for "monitoring" and they were really busy, I was put on the back burner, which was fine. I just watched some TV. As time went on, my contractions were stronger and getting painful. The nurses did not want to take me off "monitoring" and officially check me in because they were worried the on-call doc would be stressed about so many babies being born. That should have been my first clue that the on-call doc was not the best guy.

They finally checked me in and my husband, mom and dad arrived. They checked me around 3 and I was still a 5. So I asked for some IV pain meds just to take the edge off. They did not stop the pain but they helped me not really care about it. At about 4:45, those meds had worn off and I was still a 5, so they broke my water. Things went from 0-60. Contractions were really, really strong and painful and I asked about the epidural. She told me that by the time the epidural was put in, I might have a baby. She checked me again and I was already a 7. I was in the worst pain of my life and had my mom holding one hand and my husband holding the other, helping me breathe through.

At 5:15 the on-call doc came in and just stood in front of me with his arms crossed. I was already feeling the need to push and the nurses were trying to get my legs up. He was no help to them. I even said to him "help!". He said, "well, next time you feel the need to push, I will check you". So he did and I was 9. With the next contraction I bore down with all my might and out popped her head, two more pushes and she was born! She was perfect with dark black hair just like her sister.

The next part still makes me queasy. While Brynn was being checked, on-call doc began stitching. He gave me a couple shots of local but they did not do much. He would stitch then roughly shove this gauze around to "clean up". He kept telling me in a not nice way to "please relax my legs and scoot down and this would all go a lot faster". I hated him. He was so rude. My mom was holding my shoulders telling me to look into her eyes and think about Brynn. She saved me. When he was finally done, he just walked out of the room. I started to cry and said he was just horrible and the nurses said "yes, we are all walking on egg shells with him". What the hell kind of OB creates that environment? Everyone around me was encouraging and rallying to help me through the pain, and the person doing the actual work seemed totally disinterested. Natural childbirth is so, so hard and not feeling supported by him was such a frustrating feeling. Ugh. Luckily, one of the nurses complained about him and he later came into apologize. We also had two hospital administrators come in to talk to us as well.

But, she is here. And perfect. And we love her.

Last night she slept from 10-2:30 and 3-7. Yay!


  1. Congratulations!!! She is gorgeous! And looking right at the camera! So cute!! :) I'm totally wow-ed that you had a natural birth ~ WAY TO GO!!! That is super cool. Hope she continues to sleep well! :)

    {Because I really wanted to focus on Beautiful Brynn first... Oh my gosh!!! My blood is boiling on your behalf!! I can't believe the doctor acted that way.... Men. What a jerk!! I hope with time you are able to remember the beautiful moments and not the bad parts.}

  2. She's gorgeous! Congratulations! And she already sleeps better than my 8-month-old!

  3. Such a beautiful little baby! I'm sorry you had such a horrible doctor though. He sounded rude!!

    Oh Jazmyn