Friday, August 19, 2011

Tick Tock

{Letter to Brynn}

You are 9 days old today and I cannot believe it. I makes me heart ache that time passes so quickly. You are a great sleeper and only wake up once a night to eat. I feed you and then we sit in the rocking chair and I rock you back to sleep while we listen to Ben Harper. There is this big clock in our kitchen and during the quiet moments of the day, I can hear the loud second hand clicking away. I am trying so hard to appreciate every moment. To not let this time slip between my fingers but is is like trying to catch sand. Life at our house cannot come to a halt. Your sister likes to keep things moving and so often I am whisked away from you on to the next activity. When ever I get the chance, we have chest napping and snuggle sessions. But how I wish there was a slow motion button on life.

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