Friday, September 2, 2011

So Proud

{A letter to Elle}

I am so proud of the way you are handling being a big sister. You love Brynn. When I go into get you in the morning, you say "Baby Bin?" and I tell you she is out in the living room and you run out to give her kisses. Brynn has quite the loud screech and when we are up for midnight feedings, I hear you saying "Baby Bin!" over the monitor. I feel bad that she wakes you up but that screech travels in our tiny house.

Tonight, you and I headed out for some time together. We went to these local trails that you love and I am pretty sure you walked/ran a mile.

Sometimes, I miss just us. Because you are so wonderful and easy :) I have this weird urge to want to climb into your crib with you. To have it just be us and snuggle in the dark.

Here are some pictures from this evening:


  1. I seriously almost cried reading this post simply because I know one day, when we do bring another baby into this world, I'll feel the same exact way. I know I'll miss just me and Delia. I'm glad you were able to get some alone time with her!

  2. Danielle. It has been an adjustment but I know I am giving her a great gift: a sister :) Plus, I don't want to her only playmate till she goes to school! lol.

  3. She is so darling! I'm glad you got out to spend some time just the two of you. The saddest I've been after my 2nd was born a few weeks ago was the first night I put Andrew (my toddler) to bed. I cried and cried because I was sad for him that it wasn't just us anymore. And do you know - he told me everything was going to be okay. How sweet is that?! The adjustment has been hard on both of us, but most days we're doing pretty well. Your little one will sleep better soon! I'm sure of it! :)

  4. i love this.

    alex calls brynn "bin" too & i just die.
    actually "binny bin" because we call her "brynny brynn". heh.

    buuut- she doesn't love her as much as F loves B. oy.

  5. they are so precious! new visitor from top baby blogs!

  6. You take SUCH beautiful pictures. Your girls are dolls :) New follower of your blog!