Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Tree Farm.

{A letter to you both}

So, your dad and I have never been to a u-cut Christmas tree farm and we thought it would be a fun knew tradition. That is fun thing about having a new, young family- new traditions to be made. It was a bit chaotic because we forgot about getting rope and we had a fussy Brynn with us who pooped halfway through. But it was a beautiful day and the tree farm is situated on 75 acres with a beautiful mountain view when you get to the top. Elle, you were SO excited the whole time- running all around yelling "Tristmas tees mommy!!!"


  1. I squish her. AND: please take photos of my family. I will pay you... with Chocolate?

  2. can pay me with salted carmel dark chocolate from trader joes.
    BUT you must also live half the year in the shed behind my house...with Ruari.

  3. love these pictures! and I love her outfit! Are those shoes Toms or something different? they are so cute!

  4. Thanks Danielle- yes they are toms! Great toddler shoes!