Saturday, December 31, 2011

Little Grey Eyes

{A letter to Elle}

Over the past year, your eyes have changed from blue to grey. They remind me of the ocean. Depending on the light or your mood, they change, just like you have changed so much over the past year.

This year started with me as a newly pregnant mama and you as a barely walking baby. The spring spouted a new belly for me and you running fast through the yard. The summer brought a tired me and an excited you. So excited to meet your little sister. We waited for her and I worried for you. That your life would change, our routine altered. Less snuggle time. More stress.

And then she came. Early August, our lives changed. I remember that morning you and I headed to my doctors appointment. As I pulled you from your carseat and perched you on my massive belly, your grey eyes looking into mine, I saw a little girl in you. A little girl where for so many months a baby had lived.

After Brynn was born, you found all your words at once. As if she pushed you to not just talking, but speaking full sentences & making jokes. You hovered around me, questioning my mothering. "Baby Bin needs a diaper mommy!" "Mommy, baby bin crying!". You fell for her so fast. Faster than I even could.

Fall saw you and your little Bin laying on blankets in the leaves. We left the house less and snuggled on the couch more. We watched your favorite shows and got to know this new little person. As winter came, we ventured out in the cold. The world, a whole new place for you. You have become an active participate, instead of unable spectator. I see now how the world is truly at your fingertips. Your grey ocean eyes watching, learning and taking it all in.

I am so excited to see what this year brings. I am still so proud of be your mom and proud of the person, daughter and sister you have become.

I love you little. Happy 2!


  1. you seriously have the cutest kids. your baby Brynn is so cute and her expressions are hilarious! saweet!

  2. Your girls are so precious. They look so alike, too!!

  3. Your babies are beautiful! This post made me tear up and then I got to blink them away as I stared at those gorgeous eyes and chubby cheeks.