Saturday, March 17, 2012

7 Months.

{A letter to Brynn}

We little snuggler Brynn. Your favorite thing to do when you wake up is grab my cheeks and try to eat my nose. You are most content with your face smooshed again mine. The closer you can get to me, the better. So I hold you. A lot. :) I am developing some great arm muscles. You, like I have said before, LOVE your sister. Your eyes follow her wherever she goes and you track her high voice. She loves to kiss you and you always try to grab her hair (which she never minds, even though she hates when I mess with her hair). You are just now taking some solid foods. You have made it very clear that you do not want anything do to with purees but you will eat puffs. I kiss your cheeks three thousand times a day.


  1. Omigosh...those are the cutest most squeezable cheeks ever...she's a doll! I love the processing on these...

  2. your children are so cute! they have beautiful eyes!