Thursday, March 1, 2012

Love for little B.

Little B.

What is going on with you lately? A tooth? A belly ache? A want to crawl? Why must you yell at me ALL.DAY.LONG. It is making me a bit batty honestly. I set you down and 15 seconds later- yell, yellll, YELLLLLLLLLL!!!!! (my eardrums explode). I am trying so hard not to get frustrated. I have been careful never to wish you were older or wish you could do more than you can at your age, but I must say I am looking forward to quieter days.

You are such a mamas girl. There is nothing you love better than wraping your legs around me and burying your head in my chest.

It almost makes up for the yelling.

Almost. :)
A pretty of you and then one of you and some friends:

Here you are with some of your baby friends. Addie and Scarlett, beautiful daughters of the lovely Care. And Arlo, brave son of Ashley, being held hostage by so many women.


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  1. I thought I recognized those cheeks from CM! :)

    Congrats on the win at The Paper Mama! :D