Monday, March 12, 2012

Being Away.

{A letter to you both}

This weekend was another department dinner for the fire department. This time we rented a cabin and really had a great time. I worry that I do not leave you both enough. When you were little Elle I worked full time for 6 months and then part time until you were 16 months old. So you were used to being away from me. Brynn, my little snuggle bug, you looooovvveee your mama. You are most happy when just snuggled on my chest (much like a newborn despite the fact that you are 7 months old). You don't do very well with other people, even your dad sometimes. It makes me feel a bit like a failure because I want you both to be independent. So I left with a worried heart. But you both did great! I came home and you were happy little campers. And I was a happy little mama.

Here I am with your handsome daddy:

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