Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All the cliques are true...

You are, by far, the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Today you were a bit of a fussbunny. Actually, you fussed the entire time you were awake. It was almost impossible to put you down for naps because you kept waking yourself up. You were only content to sleep across my lap. I would wait for you to fall into your deep, infant sleep and I would lay you in your bed and the second you realize my warmth was gone, you would start a'whalin.

I love you even when you have been yelling in my ear for a hour. The type of love I have for you is so different then the type of love I have for anyone else. It is almost like you are an extension of my own body. When I leave the house without you, I feel like I left my arm at home and it is difficult to think of anything but getting back to you.

As far as babies go, you are pretty boring right now. You eat, sleep, poop (well only about every 7 days, you clogged up little turtle) and fuss. I am home with you all day and I love it. I am trying to get you on some kind of schedule but like a true wee babe, you make most of the rules and I follow them. When you are hungry, YOU ARE HUNGRY, FEED ME NOW! and I do. But sometimes, momma knows best. Like when I know you are so tired but you keep waking yourself up, I help you fall and stay asleep. We make a pretty good team but to be honest I am torn. I cannot wait for you to get older so we play together. But I know every minute that goes by is lost forever and I can never get it back.

I already feel like you are growing up too fast. So I try to slow down and enjoy each moment, even the frustrating ones because there is no where I would rather be than with you. I love you baby girl.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

One Month Old

One month ago you were born. You arrived in two hours and you were perfect. Our journey since then has been quite a roller coaster ride. I have been learning how to be a mother and you have been learning how to be a baby outside my belly. Some of my favorite times are when we are awake in the early morning. You are contentedly munching and I look out the glass door to the back yard. The sun is always starting to peak through the trees, little spurts of pink light. I am tracing small circles on your back and your dad is snoring peacefully. This is my new happiness.