Monday, February 11, 2013

In a funk.

For the past month, we have all been in a bit of a funk. This is the time of year where I start to feel a bit cabin feverish. The weather in Washington at this time of year is simply....dreary.

Your dad and I have run out of ideas. We visit the kid's museum about once a week, the indoor gym once a week, walking the stores downtown once a get the idea. It is the same old. We have a bit of unique family situation since your dad only works 8 days a month. Most days it is all of us here. Which is fine, but occasionally your dad starts to feel like a third child, asking me questions like, "what is there to eat?" and "let's do something, I am bored" or he just starts to lose his mind and we all drive each other crazy.  We also have the stress of house build in the back of our minds. AND we hate our rental. So it does suck when you don't even like your home and cannot do anything to make it better (landlords say NO ART ON THE WALLS and NO PAINTING!).

The other day after a particular boring day, your dad asked me "are we good parents?" My first instinct was to say yes. But I thought instead. There a million ways I wish I could be a better parent. I wish I had more patience. I wish I was more creative with the activities I think of for both of you to do. I wish I could read more books. I wish I could just bundle us all up and have magical outdoor adventures all day. But we don't. Still we do lot's of snuggling, read a few books, watch a few shows, have some fun play dates, eat some yummy food (is it all perfectly healthy and no) and sometimes we just give up and drive in the car until everyone starts yelling and we head home. But I think that is similar to how most parents do it. So yes, I think we are good parents. No, we are not perfect parents. But I strongly believe the perfect parents only exist on pinterest.

So I hope warmer weather brings us out of our funk. Until then, we will continue on in our funk since I do not know how to get out of it.

Photos from a recent beach adventure.