Tuesday, January 29, 2013


{A letter to Elle}

We have arrived at three.

It was, overall, a very good year.  We had some stressful life things going on (selling a house, buying a land, renting a house that is now up for sale, starting to build a house) but you have handled most of it like a champ.

I forget how little you were last spring until I look at old photos. You still had traces of baby in your face just months ago. All those traces are gone. I am now the mother to only one baby.

At the end of the summer, we started pottytraining. I was very nervous because you are picky about your diaper and you can be nervous doing new things. But you did so awesome! You were fully trained in about 3 days (although you still wear a diaper at night). However, your favorite place to pee is outside "like a bear". You are like me that when you have to pee, YOU HAVE TO PEE NOW! so we have pulled off the road a couple of times.  Does anyone else do that? Probably just us.

You are now also painting, drawing smiley faces, trying out letters and talking like a five year old. You make jokes and learn new words instantly.

And then you also have the occasional tantrum. You do a fair share of whining and wiggling (when you are mad instead of whining, you will sort of contort your body around in frustration). The actual tantrums can be quite surprising. The worst one was a couple weeks ago. We were out on a hike with some new friends and suddenly, for no apparent reason to anyone, you just lost your mind. It was one, two, three, SCREAM. And we walked along with you trailing behind screaming like a wild banchee and then we kind of got lost, all while passing people who were trying to enjoy the outdoors but instead listening to your wails. We came around closer to the car when you announced you had to pee. Before I could pull your pants fully down, you peed all over your pants, shoes, my hands and my shoes. It was awesome.

I have to tell those stories or I will forget them. When you are not whining, wiggling, or screaming you are such a joy to us. I am being serious. You are thoughtful and loving and snuggly and creative and funny.

I am very excited to see what three has in store. However, it will be awhile before we attempt another hike.