Friday, November 19, 2010


You try to say so many words now. You say erio (cheerio), itt (kitten), og (dog), am (mom), dada (dada), ar (car).

You are so smart. Whenever I say a word, you try to imitate me. We are coming up on your first Thanksgiving and I looking forward to feeding you urky (Turkey?)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We needed a session

So I have started down the road of maybe, possibly taking photos in exchange for money (as in a photography business- not many people have them so you probably have never heard of such a concept..... ...... .......). Right now I am just practicing and doing it for no money but the good news is that I love the taking pictures of strangers part. I was worried I would not like it.

So far, I have shot one family, a one year old, a newborn and five more families. But that has mean't less photo time for me and you. Last night the sun was golden and streaming through the trees so I sweatered you up and we went to the park. I kept thinking everyone was staring at me when I was laying on my belly in the mud while you stared at a tree just for a picture but I am trying to just stop worrying about what other people think.

That has been a hard lesson for me, and maybe will be a hard one for you. I HATE telling anyone I am even thinking about starting a business because I am afraid they will say, "Oh, every mom gets a digital camera and starts a business. It is so annoying". And I then I get sad and question it. But I want to try it. I think I could be great at it. I still need lots more practice and I have you to thank for being my willing subject the last 10 months.

Dreaming is the easy part. Anyone can have dreams or hopes, it is actually getting out that and CHOOSING the life you have always wanted. Action is the hard part. And right now I want this. So I am gonna try it. But not officially until May 2011 because I am still a weanie, maybe just a sort of brave weanie.

This one is from Sunday:

Monday, November 1, 2010

A petite shark.

I have always been terrified of sharks. In college I was a member of (I don't think that site is kept up anymore) and I would get updates and details on attacks all over the world. Why? I have no idea, I guess to avoid those particular oceans.

Your dad also finds sharks quite scary and we both refuse to put even one toe in the water (you should read about the attacks that just occur in just a foot of water). Ok, so basically with our obsession, there was nothing else you could be for Halloween, but the cutest little land shark.