Friday, July 29, 2011

The waiting game starts

With you, you came at 37 weeks 5 days. So I was ready but not waiting. Since everyone tells you the second birth is both faster and earlier, I was expecting your sister sometime this week. Now I know how it feels to wait for labor to begin. Even though I am only 38 weeks and 3 days right now, I have this fear that I will go over my due date or require a c-section. I am working hard on not thinking about it. In the mean time, I am enjoying the last few days/weeks of time being a mama to one.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


If you are anything like me, you will probably start imagining what your life as an adult will be as a young child. When I was really young, I thought I could grow up to be a dog...which fell through. Then a surfer, then a professional snowboarder (hey, I came kinda close to that one), and then around 18 I knew all I really wanted was a cosy house, a good husband and kids. Because I was a tomboy, I always pictured myself with one boy. I thought I would make a good boy mom because I know how to skateboard and I play most sports. When we found out you were a girl, I was a tiny bit sad only because I always wanted an older brother. But having you I realized I was mean't to have girls. I am just a girl kinda mom. Now being pregnant with your sister, people ask this annoying question "So, are you going to try for number three to get a boy?" No. We will not being trying for number three unless your dad figures out a way to carry babies in his belly.

Because I seem to get asked this question all the time now, I have become impatient and my response is now that I really have no desire for a boy. Which is true. I know I will be perfectly content to have two girls. I hope you have a great bond like I do with my sister. That you stick up for each other on the playground, hold each other through the hard trials of life, cry at each other's weddings and swoon over each other's babies. That you find love, try new things, have adventures but also that you always have your sister. That I as your mama can teach you how to be good to your little sister, and she good to you.

So heres to new expectations of manicures, shopping trips, girly movie nights, forts, skateboarding (yes, girls can do it too), broken hearts, high heels, daring adventures and mascara. While you may start dreaming of your future life when you are young, leave it open for change, as you may just love what is in store. I love you little.