Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Work it baby

There are a million things I do not like about my job. But the flexible schedule and baby friendly policy keeps me there. For you. Your dad gets off work after his 48 hour shift at 8am. I start work at 6am. I trust no one to watch you except our small circle of family. So on those nights I put you to bed early, wake you up at 5am. You do a lot of stretching, and yawning, and cooing. I feed you as the sun slides up the sky and pushes night into day. I watch the pinks and purples spread out and fade to baby blue while you drink your bottle. Then I pop you into the carseat (you actually do kind of pop in there, like a little sleepy, fuzzy puzzle piece) and we head down the hill to work. That 7 minute commute puts you right back to sleep.

Work at 6am is slow and quiet. Only a few lights are on and the only sound to be heard is the light keyboard tapping of my fellow early-riser co-workers. I set your seat on my desk and rock you while I work. My cube neighbor could possibly have the loudest voice I have ever heard and as the day progresses and the chances you waking up increase, the mama bear rumbles awake in me. About an hour into your time on my desk, said co-worker wanders over to peek at you. I always have you carefully covered with your dark blanket and instead of just pulling the corner back to see you, she just yanks it off and your eyes flutter open. It takes every muscle in my body not to shove her nose into her brain. I quickly cover you back up and start madly rocking. She continues on down the aisle, saying "Good Morning!" to everyone and their dog (no, we really can bring our dogs and yes, she really says hello to them all). No one is ready to be social at 6:30am. I hate chipper people when chipperness is not necessary.

At 8:30am, your dad texts me to let me know he is in the parking lot I wisk you out into the cool morning, away from the florescent lights and the co-irkers, to your father who has not see you in 2 days. Even though you are always sleeping, he too must peek at you and smile. Of course the mama bear in me is calmed, knowing my baby is safe with her papa bear.

We only have to do this work-baby dance 4 days a month but I do love that it is the two of us, doing it together. On the days you don't come, your little corner on my desk feels empty. Some days there is no where I would rather be home snuggling you but I try to remember I am working so you can have an amazing life. So here's hoping no one ends up with their nose in their brain.