Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our yard.

When we were building our house, the backyard was of huge importance to me. I spent so much of my time in my childhood yard. We had 5 acres of trails, woods, and grass. My sister was always inside. She liked sewing and re-organizing her room and I lived to be outside. Mostly, I was alone. I had my springer spaniel Taylor.  I had big dreams of running and ball kicking and chasing done by two little sisters I know.

When we first saw the lot, the area that was going to be the yard was huge and flat and I was beyond excited. However, as the septic was put in and dirt was found to be extremely hard, a mound grew and grew and my "flat" when to hilly. It bothered me way more than it should.

Now though, with the warm air and the sound of the wind in the morning when I sneak out there after breakfast for a breath, it is paradise. And in the evening, when the sun streams through trees and the sound of both of you laughing fills the air, it is perfection.

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